Our duty is to build customer trust and ensure that taxes and duties are fully paid in accordance with government regulations.
For the benefit of our valued customers, we manage our imports and exports in the best and smoothest and most reponsible manner.


To become the one of the leading company for developing logistics sector in Myanmar.

Code of Conduct


These are objects of Perfect Way Company and it's member are

  • To progress the export/ import of logistics sector in Myanmar
  • The rule & regulation restricted by Myanmar Government to be absolutely followed
  • To protect the interests of customer's own business

Code of Business Conduct

Perfect Way Company is a logistics business company. We provide quick and efficient services means that cargo clearance specialists handle all complexities and ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes to our clients and customers by extensive industry experience of custom clearance and forwarding services.

Perfect Way endorses the following values:

  • To perform one's duties with honesty, integrity, moral principles and responsibility.
  • To safeguard confidentiality, and not to make wrongful use of inside information or confidential information for one's own or any other's benefits.
  • To act as a professional with knowledge, expertise and due care.
  • To avoid conflict of interests
  • To maintain and comply with all financial integrity and fraud disclosure standards.
  • To protect personal and business data of our customers employees and business partners.
  • Complying with all applicable laws
  • Respecting the individual and the dignity of the worker
  • Training and education for our employees
  • Fostering equality between all members without any gender, religious, or political discrimination
  • ´╗┐´╗┐Refraining from using Perfect Way as a platform to promote any partisan political agenda